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I'm here to remind you of your disco-ball soul and show you how to dance with your darkness

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way of the witch seasonal coven with morgan garza

Enrollment for the FALL 2023 quarter is open! Doors close October 4 and we journey through the magic of the darkness through December. Join us!

soul magic ancient wisdom for modern mystics




If you have ever hungered for a more meaningful or satisfying life journey, this comprehensive collection of all things spirit-nourishing is your soul’s true companion.

You will discover a little bit about:

∆  the life-changing power of crystals, herbs, and essential oils

∆  amplifying your energy with manifestation, astrology, spirit communication, numerology, ceremonial magick

∆  dive into shadow work, mediumship, sacred travel, tarot, and MORE


witchy ways, spiritual business, sex magick, magnetism, shadow work, pleasure embodiment, mysticism, and practical magic

Explore your inner and outer worlds


Hey, I'm Morgan!

I'm an author, a modern mystic, a marketing magician, and a badass spiritual business consultant. AKA a mulit-passionate, multi-hyphenated woman with a wild soul and insatiable desire to expand.

"Welcome to my spaceship" is a lyric from one of my favorite Thievery Corporation songs, and I thought it was so fitting for who I am and why I do what I do.

I'm here to inspire you to embody your power through soul magic and inner alchemy. To become your own guru by stepping out of fear of darkness and into the light of activated awareness. AKA embracing your disco-ball soul.

My first book, SOUL MAGIC: ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN MYSTICS, is available everywhere books are sold including Target (!!!) Barnes and Noble, and small independent book stores around the country.

As a strong believer in weaving practical magic into daily life, I practice spiritual business with myself and my clients. I am also the Chief Marketing Officer of Saged, a spiritual app. I have one foot firmly in the practical and one foot ethereally in the magical.

love, light, and black holes

you can't only be love and light. you're also a black hole.

the shadow work experience you’ve been craving is here


unbothered af

Shadow work with me is the real deal. No BS, no spiritual jargon, no fluff . . . but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what peeps have to say . . .

Spiritual business

where the practical meets the mystical

I believe that by weaving practical business strategy with magical tools, like moon magic and shadow work, that you can create a successful, sustainable business!

As CMO of Saged and with my private clients, I help people go from concept to launch, double monthly and yearly income, triple open rates, diversify social, become leaders with authority, create multiple streams of income to grow with purpose and intention, and so much more.

In my course, Ritualize Your Business, I show you how to apply practical magic to your business to avoid burnout, blindspots, and creative slumps. This includes Sex Magick, Shadow Work, Moon Cycles, Energy Alignment, and Cosmic Connection.


There’s so much more to being successful than just following the same masculine strategy that’s in every book and on every podcast. Sustainable success is about alignment over hustle, and intuition over hacks. I got tired of the old ways, so I created a new one.

Take a walk through my soul … via my blog


Shadow Work & Being Unbothered AF

Shadow work is for everyone! If you’re in a human body, then you need shadow work! Being unbothered is about so much more than just not giving a F*CK. It’s about radical acceptance of ALL of your disco-ball soul.

Morning Ritual

I don't believe in morning routines. Yes, you read that right. In fact, I have an adverse reaction to them. Not only am I not a morning person but I'm a professional night owl. I have never been able to resonate with anything structured. Not in the morning, not in the...

Love, Light, and Black Holes: Navigating Grief

2020 is the year of grief and of change. Honoring where you are and accepting yourself fully is the path to love and freedom. This can be difficult to navigate, so I wrote you a pep talk. You are so powerful, so loved, so capable of healing. Love, light, and black holes.

How NOT to Manifest

Sick of empty affirmations, confusing phrases, and frustration around manifestation? Me too! Here’s how NOT to manifest and what I do instead.

Terror in Mumbai: The Beginning of My Spiritual Awakening

I survived a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India in 2008. I was 22 years old and this was the catalyst that catapulted me into my spiritual awakening. I overcame extreme PTSD with reiki and my world was never the same. This is my story.

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