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Join me in my evolution

I delight to feel all the feels, see all the sights, laugh till I wrinkle, and love till I cry. This, I believe, is the meaning of life.

I’m Morgan Garza and at 33, I am in the midst of a spiritual evolution that is taking me places I’ve only ever dreamed of. This is my resurrection. The fork in the road where I follow that path that is the brightest. The voice of purpose and call of devotion simply can’t be ignored any longer.┬áSometimes it’s vital to do the things that scare us, in order to know what we are truly capable of.

I’ve found, after many a new beginning, that listening to the voice of the heart is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. “Fortune favors the brave” and I have been rewarded time and time again for my bravery. I’m stepping into the void of the unknown and trusting myself. At the end of the month/year/decade I’ll be stepping aside from my beloved role as CMO of Spirit Guides Magazine to study the womb and alchemical herbalism.

Join me in my evolution! You’re invited to my Glow Up, so sign up for your RSVP below!