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intention action creation

Let’s make some magic!

are you ready to unleash your soul magic?!


We’re all alchemists with enough Soul Magic to last lifetimes—and it does last lifetimes!

To amplify our Soul Magic, we must first accept that we ALL have it, and then we must heal the parts of ourselves that keep us from it.

Enter, Inner Alchemy!

Inner Alchemy is a holistic integration method that leads you to your most vibrant, aligned life. We all have shit that holds us back from our vibrancy. Past trauma, limiting beliefs, abuse, and so much more.

To magnetize the life/love/business/money/fulfillment we desire, we first must integrate pain from the inside out. Turn that pain into purpose and that trauma into triumph!

I’ve built and transformed my business and my clients’ businesses with this method, and it works like a charm. More than healing, we’re acknowledging and integrating everything that needs to be alchemized from darkness into light.

Then, we find your sacred “why” and go forward with laser focus to create the life of your dreams and GET PAID.

intention action creation

Weaving spirituality and business together through Inner Alchemy is like a natural high for me. I LOVE IT!


If you’re looking to step into your full-ass power, then you’re in the right place!

∇  soul magic  ∇

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics


The magic is within you … and in my new book!

Available everywhere books are sold, this comprehensive collection of all things spirit-nourishing is your soul’s true companion. And, it’s GOREGEOUS inside!

Guided by beautiful imagery and clear explanations on alternative practices, you will discover how to:

∆  maximize the life-changing power of crystals, herbs, and essential oils

∆  unblock your seven chakras and bring harmony to your whole self

∆  use tarot cards to heighten your awareness and connect with your inner

∆  understand the importance of shadow work in all that you do as a modern mystic

∆  tap into your inner world through the magic of the cosmos and astrology


If this sounds like you and the life you’d like to cultivate, then Soul Magic is just what the witch doctor ordered!

inner alchemy + soul magic

I delight to feel all the feels, see all the sights, laugh till I wrinkle, and love till I cry. This, I believe, is the meaning of life.

Hi, I’m Morgan and I’m here to help you connect to your SOUL MAGIC through INNER ALCHEMY. I’m continuously applying this self-healing method to my own life, and I know it will help you amplify your power.

My goal is to inspire you to embark on a journey of reclaiming your power through inner alchemy

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to infuse your business with spirituality or you want to overcome trauma and abuse, INNER ALCHEMY is for you.

I apply a holistic method of healing that involves EFT Tapping, HeartMath Meditations, Soul Consulting, and good ‘ol Taurus Tough Love. Your dreams are worth chasing, not just dreaming about.

Let’s create a life you can’t wait to get out of bed for! 

I invite you to step through the portal of Inner Alchemy

tap tap tap

Want to be free from stress, trauma, limiting beliefs, and bullshit?!


Try eft tapping!


Real talk : you are capable of healing yourself, naturally!

EFT (emotional freedom technique) Tapping is legit the fastest way to overcome and heal on a deep level. I started tapping in 2018 and it changed my life in surprising ways.

I had more energy, less stress, better sleep, better sex, more focus and mental endurance, and even healed my relationship with money. It’s my #1 tool for clearing shit out to manifest BIG!

Today, I help people in 1:1 sessions with specific and intuitive tapping to help them do what I’ve done: create the life of their dreams and experience true freedom!

¡ free guide !

Cosmic Alignment for Modern Mystics


Do you want a better, more mystical, more aligned way to flow through your week?

Of course you do!

I’m all about alignment within my inner and outer worlds, so I created this free guide to help you align your energy with the planets in work, rest, creativity, and play.

The Cosmic Planner is your easy-to-use daily guide to plan launches, schedule meetings, reserve dream/rest/creative time, and infuse your modern life and business with all the mysticism you need to THRIVE!

*by downloading this free guide, you’ll get 1-2 monthly emails from me and can opt-out at any time.

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