In the spiritual community, manifestation is talked about in a lot of different ways. Manifestation is easily one of the most sought after lessons, and the most talked about by practitioners and leaders. However, this also means that a lot of people go unchecked with what they’re sharing, and that opens the door to fluffery, Law of Attraction nonsense, and incomplete processes that leave people feeling frustrated and disconnected from their Soul Magic.

I don’t believe that there’s one way to do anything. And I definitely don’t believe my way is right. But what I am passionate about is empowering you with information that resonates so that you can step into your full-ass power and feel like the magical being that you are.

With so much information out there from so many sources, let’s talk about what manifestation is NOT.

In my view and experience, the common phrases “raise your vibration to match what you want to manifest” and “I am a money magnet” for example, make no damn sense. How do I know what frequency I’m at, and how do I know what I want is vibrating at? And if I say that affirmation in the mirror or write it in my journal, then I am just all of a sudden a money magnet? Ugh. No. Just no. Manifestation is so much less “woowoo” and so much more practical than that. That’s how NOT to manifest.


How to Manifest

Here’s my process for manifestation that ALWAYS works when I’m in alignment. Spoiler alert, it all starts with shame:
    1.  Do any necessary shadow work around what you want. Shame is the shadow is desire. So when you want something, there’s and equal and opposite force that lives in the realm of shame. Identify and acknowledge the shame behind what you want. Even if you aren’t aware that you’re ashamed of what you want, it’s living in your subconscious. And if I’ve learned anything about manifestation over the years, it’s that the subconscious is the engine of it all. Even just the shame around NOT having what you want is something to move towards. Go towards your darkness and you’ll find gold.
    2. Be authentic and in integrity with what you want to manifest. Get clear on your “why” and come from a place of truth and authenticity. Example: “I want to manifest the love of my life because I am whole and complete within myself and I am ready to rise with someone who sees me for my worth and my magic” See, you’re not manifesting love to be completed or “saved” – rather you’re manifesting love because you’re ready to rise with someone and you’ve already fallen in love with your self. When you’re authentic and in integrity, your manifestation will be coming from a whole and complete place, free of fear and lack.
    3. Surrender your desire and release attachment to receiving. This part is tricky because we desperately want to hold onto desires. We make vision boards, have fake checks hanging on the wall, and carry around rose quartz to find love. But it’s in the release and the trust that the magic has space to breathe and come to life. Tend to your needs and take care of yourself while you remain patient and faithful.
Take care of your needs first, always, and the rest of life will flow. When you’re whole and complete and cared for by you, then there’s space and energy to receive and be open. When you’re tired, misaligned, needy, and not honoring your needs for self-care and self-love, your vessel isn’t able to receive.


And if something doesn’t make sense to you, or you cant grasp the concept, look for someone who explains it in a different way. Manifestation is not exclusive to a special few. It’s available to everyone. Spirituality is, at the root, authenticity. And when you’re authentic first and foremost, then everything else will flow from there.


For a deeper understanding of my process of manifestation, and why I feel phrases like “raise your vibration to match what you want to manifest” are so harmful, watch this video!