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Hi! I’m Morgan and I am an author, teacher, entrepreneur, and CMO of Saged living in Arizona. My mission here is to empower you to become your own guru by stepping out of the darkness of fear and into the light of activated, embodied awareness.


I’m a wild, hungry soul with a ravenous appetite for the universe’s curiosities and cosmic magic. I laugh loudly, love madly, dance like I’m on fire, and take risks. I want to help you feel something, question everything, and of course, smile.

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soul magic ancient wisdom for modern mystics

My Book!

Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics

Explore the depths of your mystical soul through tarot, shadow work, astrology, herbalism, manifestation, crystals, spirit communications, numerology, ceremonial magick, and more!

In 18 chapters, Soul Magic will usher you through the portal of your own becoming and connect you with your inner mystic.

practical magic

I have one foot firmly rooted in the magical, and one foot in the practical. As a weaver of dreams at the loom of the mind, I love to find way to dance in the intersection of practical and magical.

As CMO of Saged and a former founder of a spiritual publication and podcast, I have master the art of bringing ritual to business for conscious growth! I nerd out of systems and practice sex magick to hit sales goals.

With my pricate consulting clients, I help magical people grow organically in business through ritual and bangin’ strategy.

As an author, I share from the depths of my soul. I am a channel, a bridge between all that is infinite and all that is finite.

Let’s make some magic!


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