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The Cosmic Planner

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Ever wonder why “a case of the Mondays” is so common? Or why everyone feels vibrant, excited, and chatty on Wednesdays?

Each day of the week is ruled by a planet or luminary, and that energy is palpable!

The planets are our immediate family and their effect on us is mayyyjaaahhh!

In The Cosmic Planner, you’ll learn about the best days to book calls, tackle that to-do list, plan for the future, get laid and paid, and retreat and reflect.

From your work life to your personal life and beyond, the more you know about the day’s energy the more you’ll be able to work WITH it and THRIVE!

In this expansive and easy-to-use PDF, you’ll learn about the energy of each day, what planet and zodiac sign its associated with, the element to tap into, and the activities to plan for and avoid.

Align your energy with the planets to flow through your week with joy and ease!

Do you have a conscious business?

conscious business

Grow your business with intention with

The Mystic Business Bundle!


In this intuitive and practical bundle, you’ll learn how to bring spirituality and ritual into your daily life to amplify your business and your connection to your power.

The Mystic Business Bundle Includes:

∇  The Cosmic Planner: A 7-day digital guide to help you align with the energy of the planets and flow with your innate creativity and drive.

∇  The Mystic Business Guide: A 17-page digital guide to bring intention, ritual, and shadow work into your business. It’s not all love and light, and this guide will help you embrace the necessary darkness.

∇  EFT Tapping for Being Seen: This short tapping video will help you step into the spotlight with confidence, passion, and pleasure. If you podcast, record videos, or get on stage, this is going to change the way you shine!

Hi, I’m Morgan Garza

morgan garza

I’ll be your guide through The Mystic Business Bundle. I’ve been a spiritual entrepreneur since 2015 and love weaving spirituality into business. I am also an author, EFT Tapping practitioner, and business consultant.

My first book SOUL MAGIC: ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN MYSTICS (Macmillan) was released in August 2020 and has already sold more than 10,000 copies worldwide!

I work with entrepreneurs in the spiritual space to create masculine structures so their creative feminine can flow. Your business doesn’t need to be spiritual for you to find ways to bring magic to the mundane.

The Mystic Business Bundle will set you up with daily practices to infuse your business and life with spirituality and grow with intention. Talk about practical magic!

I am so excited to share this offering with you!

Love, light, and black holes,


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