amy solara

Witch, Mother, Priestess

Amy Solara is a Witch, Mother, and Priestess in Sacred Partnership. She has been trained in the esoteric arts and the occult by master teachers from all over the world, including Witchcraft & Magic, Shamanic Journeying, Tantra and Ritual Birth. As a Tarot and Akashic Records reader, Astrologer, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach, she offers her clients a holistically soulful approach that is both grounded in the earth and connected to the cosmos. Her greatest passion is aiding humans in rediscovering their inner Divine and reclaiming their Power through holding ceremonies and teaching classes and workshops about magic, meditation, mantra, and movement.

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andye murphy, Rock ‘n roll shaman

Multidimensional Priestess, Alchemist, Keeper of the Akashic Records

Andye Murphy, Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, is a multidimensional priestess, alchemist, and keeper of the Akashic Records. She leads through light acting as a living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. An ancient soul, she is an activator of higher consciousness and deeply committed to the enlightenment of humanity. It is time to remember your highest more-than-human potential. She has served as shaman and mentor, healer and reader since 2008 and is now committed to teaching through the Ascension. 

Andye leads an online mystery school, hosts the Cosmic Mama podcast, and teaches soulfully from places of light and remembrance.

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ashton august

Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor

Ashton August is the Founder and Editorial Director of, a leading yoga and wellness digital magazine. She is also the Founder of YA Classes, an online yoga and fitness membership platform that plants a tree for every class a member completes.

Ashton is a female entrepreneur on a mission to inspire, empower, educate and cultivate community both locally and globally through her work as a motivational speaker and author, distinguished yoga instructor, and business owner.

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becca reitz

Entrepreneur, Illustrator 

Becca Reitz is a graphic designer, illustrator, and entrepreneur based in Denver, Colorado. Becca utilizes visual balance and symmetry to capture the essence of the higher self, the power of our earth, nature and the divine feminine. Becca is design-forward in her thinking and illustrative in her execution, and her unique style has landed her clients such as Halo Top, Yoga Journal, Spirit Daughter, and WinterWondergrass. 

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bri bird

Founder of Oracle Offerings

Bri Bird, Founder of Oracle Offerings is a hairstylist turned cultural mystic, who aims to bring clarity, guidance & self-care practices to her clients. She is an intuitive healer and beauty ritualist who is deeply committed to creating a safe and supportive space for you to relax, heal and reconnect to your truest self. With tools like crystals, oils, sound, and energy medicine she helps her clients to alchemize intention into action with ceremonial beauty rituals. Through many years of learning and self-exploration, she has been able to illuminate and reconcile her life’s experiences into an aligned journey, curating a special skill set of gifts to share with her community.

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Brooke Burgstahler

Comedian, Cannabis Reporter

Brooke Burgstahler is a comedian and conscious content creator.  Writer, reporter, and producer of the daily show, Marijuana Morning News, Brooke is a cannabis advocate and activist. Her passion is edu-tainment and enlightening people to the positive powers plants hold through her cannabis and wellness platform, Budding Mind. A yogi at heart, Brooke’s mantra is “may all people and plants be happy and free.”

Find her at @buddingmind + @brookestellarMarijuana Morning NewsPrisoners of Prohibition

evelyn zuel

Astrologer, Seeker of Universal Mysteries

Evelyn Zuel is an astrologer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. She started her deep dive into the esoteric arts starting in 2012, when she surrendered to the divine for the purpose of healing her body from debilitating eczema. Evelyn started reading astrology charts in Los Angeles in 2015, and hosted weekly astrology meet ups before moving to the desert. She has written astrology columns for Serpent Fire Tarot, Magic of I, and Whole Person Magazine, and now co-owns a metaphysical shop in Yucca Valley called The Mystic Parlor. Dedicated to illuminating other seekers, Evelyn hopes to guide others towards their true calling with the art of Astrology.

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george lizos

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Author

Geeorge Lizos is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, author of Be the Guru and the #1 bestselling Lightworkers Gotta Work, co-creator of Elemental Healing and host of The Lit Up Lightworker podcast. He helps lightworkers to find their life purpose and work their light in real, palpable ways that create positive change in the world.

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holly turiya

DJ, Ritualista, Alchemist

Studying electronic music at Point Blank Music School in London + DJ’ing and dancing in the some of the worlds best clubs, Holly returns to the DJ booth to deepen her mission of bringing people together to create community. Music is her meditation, and there’s nothing in the world that brings her closer to her joy + truth. Co-founder of lifestyle brand VASU the dance floor is her spiritual temple, a place where we are all one.
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jessica smith

International Dating Coach, Author

Jessica Smith is an In’t Dating coach and author of 21 Days to Feeling Gorgeous. She is also the host of the Game of Love Podcast and radio show heard in over 33 countries on all major platforms. Jessica leads transformational yoga retreats around the world to help people step into their power and love themselves unconditionally.

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kristina sell

Certified Yoga Instructor, Energy Worker, Divine Channel, Womb Worker

Kristina was born into a vicious cycle of abuse, from her early childhood to experiencing sexual trauma, and traumatic Childbirth as well as Domestic Abuse. For the past 11 years, she has been on a healing journey of awakening from the nightmares of emotional, psychological and physical trauma. In the process she has learned how to heal mind, body and spirit and has cured herself of PTSD, anxiety, crippling depression and numerous physical health issues along the way. She truly believes that the World needs us each to heal, transform and awaken our hearts so we can embody our deepest truth and most authentic self.

Find her at @awakenedhearthealing

Laura Brown

Ascension Guide, Teacher, Intuitive Coach

Laura Brown breaks the spiritualist mold. Having a strong Pleiadian, Lyran and Sirian cosmic lineage Laura helps to channel messages that are meant to help others re-remember their cosmic self so they can embrace their inner stardust and rock their divinity. Laura’s always been fascinated with the point where psychology and the woo intersects so her approach helps to awaken your divinity and activate your star-self while shedding the programming, trauma, and conditioning that the human clenches to. This lets you live your most exalted, pop-rocks life. You can also just call her an Ascension Guide, Teacher and Intuitive Coach.

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maggie may wilson

Reiki Master Teacher, Cannabis Sommelier, Podcast Host & Producer

Based in Denver, Colorado and available worldwide for video sessions and in-person coaching, Maggie May Wilson has been known for her unparalleled wisdom in the expansive realm of Metaphysics and Eastern Medicine. Maggie Wilson is a professional Reiki Master Teacher, Cannabis Sommelier, Host & Producer of podcast Metaphysical AF, and an Esoteric Adept. Her work has been featured at The Emerald Cup, in Dope Magazine and Miss Grass. She has developed wellness programming for live music festivals and within the cruise industry. She is an ordained minister who works with clients in hospice, at wellness retreats, and within high-performance circles.

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Witch, Priestess, Seven Sisters

Melanie is heavily devoted to The Old Ones and her Great Work as Witch, Priestess, and the path of Hollow Bone. She is of British, and Native Acadian descent, she now resides in the countryside of Southwestern Ontario. She teaches magick and journey work based on her study of Traditional Craft, shamanistic practices, and folk magick. She holds regular lunar circles and Sabbat celebrations in her community and online. She is a ritual herbalist, shadow worker, hedge crosser, and clairvoyant. Melanie is the owner and curator of Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary, Liminal Space London Ltd.and co-owner of House of Gnosis Inc.

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michael anthony

Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Creative from The Diviner Life

Michael Anthony is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, and creative from When he is not in a one-on-one client session, Michael shares his healing work through his membership community Club Divine, his podcast Lets Be Omnist, and Diviner Magazine. Michael describes himself as a word lover, spiritual entomologist, and seeker of magic. Over the years he has channeled these passions into the creation of several oracle decks including The Diviner Definitions and The Small Spirits oracle. Outside of his spiritual work Michael is a husband and dog-dad who loves witchy movies, dark chocolate and sleeping in.

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Natalie brite

Spiritual Business Mentor, Creator

Natalie Brite is a spirtual business mentor devoted to empowering small business owners to take the leap. She specializes in authrntic branding, business re-wilding, self expression development, personal development, medicine journeying, audience building, alignment, self mastery, and so much more. Natalie is the host of the Wildly Aligned Podcast and founder of popular membership community, Align&Flow.

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nixie marie

Feng Shui practitioner, Co-Founder of CLARYTI

Nixie has landed features in The Alexandra POV, an online Luxury Magazine, Voyage LA, and has been featured in some of the top podcasts such as The Positive Head, Earth Speak, and Hippie Witch. In addition to her intuitive Feng Shui expertise, Nixie also hosts her own top rated podcast called I AM Goddess Collective, where she explores conversations on empowerment through modern magic.

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sabrina perez

Luminous Priestess

Following her awakening in 2013, Sabrina began the slow and at times confusing journey of clearing the debris of ancestral and internal wounding. Although she is called to serve with a galactic emphasis, this early learning, healing and remembering of her ancestral connection to her present self had Sabrina find solace in ritual, as well as maintain a sacred thread throughout the work she performs. This sacred focus led her to become a student of shamanic practice as well as working in the Akash. Sabrina’s healing has a focus on DNA repair, star code retrieval, activation and toning.

Find her at @sabrinaraynestar

sabrina riccio

Storyteller, Golden Age Branding Expert, Modern Medicine Woman

Sabrina Riccio is breaking the mold as a revolutionary leader. A storyteller, Golden Age Branding Expert, and Modern Medicine Woman, Sabrina has blended her passion for mysticism and personal + brand development to catalyze Modern Mystical Entrepreneurs to activate their soulful, profitable, and aligned business from the inside-out.

Sabrina has an array of online offerings and has spoken and taught Kundalini Yoga + Sound Healing experiences at festivals and gatherings around the world. Amongst her colleagues and listeners of her chart-topping Sovereign Society Podcast, she’s known to keep it real + authentic, sharing deep wisdom through storytelling + radiating her infectious laugh.

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Sarah akala

Alchemist, Healer, Intutive Medicine Woman

Sarah Akala is the owner and founder of Clinical Alchemy. Clinical Alchemy is working to aid the rebirth of traditional alchemy as a healing modality. Sarah has over 23 years of training and experience as an herbalist, integrative practitioner, and practical alchemist. She has a clinical practice where she applies the cosmic principles of alchemy to aid in the physical and spiritual well being of others. She creates traditional alchemical medicines called spagyrics, as well as craft distilled essential oils, absolutes and other natural products for health and beauty. Sarah offers classes and is excited to be opening a new school called University of Alchemy! Sarah’s mission is to share this powerful healing wisdom with the world!

Find her at clinicalalchemy.comuniversityofalchemy.netClinicalAlchemyCo@clinicalalchemy

Tori washington

Spiritual Guide for Soulful Entrepreneurs

Tori Washington believes true wealth starts in the body, and is on a mission to help women find financial freedom through physical movement. She creates rich experiences that blend intuitive dance, bodywork, and spiritual principles to release women from the grip of scarcity and immerse them in the frequency of abundance.

After applying the Wealth Embodiment Flow technology (her signature modality) to her own life, Tori went from filing for bankruptcy to a growing 6 figure business in just 12 months.  She now works as a Spiritual Business Coach and transformational speaker to get these practices into the hands, bodies and bank accounts of women everywhere.

Find her at @iamtoriwashington

Meet your hostess, Morgan Garza

Morgan Garza is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, and community leader. She is an embodiment of the divine feminine here to empower others to become their own guru by stepping out of the darkness of fear and into the light of activated awareness.

Organizing this virtual summit is about so much more than creating a community and giving back. This summit is to remind you of your power, your brilliance, your capability, and your magic. These challenging times have required a lot of self-reflection. We’ve been faced with things we may never have been our entire lives, and that can bring a lot of shit up.

“There’s a lightness to all this darkness, I assure you this.”

Find her at @mogarz

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