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Together we raised $1,390.10 in donations for Conscious Alliance to help feed our community!

Inner alchemy virtual summit

may 22, 23, 24

20 soulful speakers and presenters

gemini new moon magic

alchemize your life from the inside out


Life hasn’t been exactly “normal” recently, and that can be hard to navigate. From job losses, illness and death, lack of human connection, collective fear and panic, and the ever present threat of COVID-19. This is a time of great change, transformation, disclosure, confusion, loss, and revelation. But this can also be a time of deep inner exploration and transformation. When we are faced with great change, we must make great changes.


Change and evolution in your outer world requires change and evolution in your inner world.

The Inner Alchemy Virtual Summit is here to help you alchemize the change in your life from the inside out.


It all starts within, that includes both love and fear.

Join us for 3 days of practical magic to help you make the necessary shifts within and integrate the lessons of this time into your life with grace and ease. This is the perfect time to go within, listen to your heart, connect with spirit, and alchemize the lead into solid gold.



$1,390.10 was raised in donation to conscious alliance!


Conscious Alliance feeds families in communities that need it most. Their network of creative people — artists, musicians, food makers, and fans — use their time and talents to make that happens.

Conscious Alliance empowers young people to make a tangible difference in the lives of people in underserved communities.

What is inner alchemy?

Inner alchemy is the process of changing one’s own consciousness to accelerate personal evolution


from the inside out

Alchemy is a holistic process, involving both our inner and outer worlds. To practice INNER ALCHEMY, we must look to the elements of the world in which we inhabit, and which inhabit us.


Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Spirit.


As Above, So Below. We are of the Earth, and She is here to help guide us through to where we are meant to be. The only way out is in.

The INNER ALCHEMY Virtual Summit is here to help you connect with each element to transform, heal, and empower both your inner and outer worlds. Change starts within—everything does. This experience will empower you to reflect the positive change you’re making within to the world around you. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone operate from deep within their soul. That spreads like magical, prosperous wildfire.

This experience will help you take intentional action to manifest the life you desire.


Intention. Action. Creation.



Inner Alchemy is, by law, practical. There is nothing mystical about alchemy, it is available to all who work for it and have the proper tools. Just like the air we breathe, the potential for INNER ALCHEMY is everywhere. You will experience practical ways to alchemize your life.



Action is the most vital part of manifestation, healing, connection, and growth. Without action, your intentions will never be created. It may be hard to feel motivated to take action right now, but this line-up of soulful leaders will reignite the flame within you to take action on your healing and on your dreams.



Magic saves. The practice of infusing the mundane with magic is the spice of life. The connection we forge through magic with our inner and outer worlds is deeper than the ocean. Water is fluid, powerful, and ever changing—as are we. Dive into the depths of your soul and marvel at the treasured buried there.



We are all in this together. The entire planet. While we all have different experiences, different heart breaks, and different perspectives, we are still going through a global pandemic. The Earth holds us. We are of the earth and we can relate to her seasons, her elements, her creatures, and her cycles. Let’s come together to grow and help others. 



From soil to spirit, we are the channel, the bridge, the link between all that is finite and all that is infinite. Within us there is a universe waiting to be discovered. Pure light, no matter. There is no practical magic without spirituality, as it is the core of all we do. Your spirit guides you and you’ll learn techniques to connect and listen to your spirit daily. 

The Inner Alchemy Virtual Summit is the stage for 20 soulful speakers and presenters who will lead on topics including, manifestation, money mindset, plant medicine and psychedelics, shamanic healing, astrology, animal spirits, and so much more. ALCHEMIZE YOUR LIFE FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Meet your hostess, Morgan Garza

Hi! I’m an author, teacher, entrepreneur, and community leader. As an embodiment of the divine feminine, I’m here to empower you to become your own guru by stepping out of the darkness of fear and into the light of activated awareness.

Organizing this virtual summit is about so much more than creating a community and giving back. This summit is to remind you of your power, your brilliance, your capability, and your magic. These challenging times have required a lot of self-reflection. We’ve been faced with things we may never have been our entire lives, and that can bring a lot of shit up.

There’s a lightness to all this darkness, I assure you this.