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The Revolution of the Entrepreneur

Ritualize Your Business is a short and concise self-paced course designed to connect you to your inner and outer worlds to infuse your business with practical magic to grow with intention.

Bring magic to the mundane!

Ritualize Your Business consists of 5 modules including Sex Magick Manifestation, Shadow Work in Biz, Energy Alignment, Cosmic Connection, and Cycles + Seasons.

Price: $88 w/ infinite replay and access to all future iterations, evolutions, and bonuses. PLUS a robust PDF, EFT Tapping, & a rad BONUS valued at $111!

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ritualize your business

Awaken your inner mystic through conscious business

I created Ritualize Your Business because I came out of the spiritual closet in 2016 and my entire life became ritualized.

When I started my first company at 30, I was finally free to manage business how I wanted to: full of witchy magic and cosmic creations. I quickly saw the benefit of being in more alignment and knew a revolution was brewing within.

This gave me permission to turn my spirituality all the way ON and weave a web that melded business with pleasure: aka conscious business.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been living in ritual in my business and helping my incredible clients do the same. Ritualize Your Business is short, fun, and full of practical tools you can integrate and implement immediately.

You will embark on the journey of falling in love with your business and amplifying how you show up in the world.

You’ll also get a pretty sweet bonus!

ritualize your business

Aaaaannndddd …

$111 bonus for modern mystics

When you sign up for Ritualize Your Business, you’ll immediately get The Mystic Business Bundle!


Tap That Astro Course: My most popular course! Tap That Astro is a 7-day EFT and Astrology course to align with the daily planetary energy + The Cosmic Planner

The Mystic Business Guide: A 17-page digital guide to unleash your inner mystic in your business

EFT Tapping for Being Seen: Get camera, stage, or interview ready with this empowering video that will let your light shine


Workplace Rituals in the Press

conscious business

The world is ready for more meaning and magic in work. People are craving a deeper connection to what they do and how the engage with coworkers.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, your work life doesn’t have to be go-go-go with no depth!

And if you do run your own company with employees and a team, think about their quality of life and how simple rituals can change their investment in your company.

Bringing practical magic to your daily work flow will amplify everything!

The Masculine Structure

Ritualize Your Business is a self-paced course that is short and to the point by design. You’re busy, I’m busy and the practice to Ritualize Your Business isn’t rocket science.

I chose 5 different rituals to infuse practical magic into your business immediately and start building a solid foundation. In my experience as CMO of a spiritual app and from working with my clients, these are the practices I deemed essential for the modern mystic.

This course is for everyone looking to make the mundane magical and live a life of alignment and authenticity.

Ritualize Your Business is practical, magical, direct, and effective. It provides a stable masculine structure for the feminine to flow. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us, the magic is in the balance.

Here’s how it looks:

Ritualize Your Business


module 1: Shadow Work in Biz

Find the gold in the shadow and step into the light of manifestation by releasing what’s not working

module 2: Energy Alignment

Create an energy schedule, design your morning ritual, and cut the cord of energetic leaks

module 3: cosmic connection

Align with the cosmos to bring practical magic into your biz daily w/ astrology

module 4: Cycles + Seasons

We are cyclical creatures. Follow the cycles and seasons in your inner and outer worlds to sustain growth

module 5: sex magick manifestation

Learn to use the power of your orgasm and your pleasure to magnetize the life of your dreams … hello sales goals!

The Feminine Flow

Give yourself permission to flow with your intuition

Ritualize Your Business is whatever you want to make of it.


it’s self-paced, intuitive, and fun!


You have full creative control over how you watch the course and what you implement first.


There are EFT Tapping videos and a robust pdf to amplify the magic.


Allow your intuition to guide you to the ritual you feel most aligned with and let it rip!


Take what resonates and leave the rest.


$287 live

$222 recorded

This includes lifetime access to UNBOTHERED AF, PLUS over $111 in bonuses :

+ Empath Empowerment Workshop 

+ Manifestation 101 Course

+ Moon Magic 101 guide

+Crystals 101 guide

+ Tap That Astro - 7-Day EFT tapping & Astrology Course


Client love ♥

Working with Morgan has been absolutely transformational. The energy shift since working with her has been palpable. Morgan is highly intelligent, kind, easy to work with, and her positive energy is contagious. I’ve never felt so supported in my work. Thank you, Morgan!!

-Katie Quick

Client Love ♥

My experience working with Morgan was absolute magic. Oh, and honey, her patience, and personality match her skill. She’s a dream-trust me you want to work with her.

-Laura Brown, Intuitive Alchemy

Client Love ♥

As a high vision spiritual teacher and conscious entrepreneur in the wellness space, working with Morgan Garza on my brand has been an essential part of the growing success of my business strategy. I get compliments all the time on the authenticity of my brand and presence, which is amazing. Morgan Garza is my number one resource and ally in my field of wellness expertise; she is #cosmicaf and a total joy to work/learn/play with!

-Worthy Stokes

meet your guide …

morgan garza

Hi, I’m Morgan Garza and I’m here to tell you that your dreams are worthy and that you’re full of magic and potential!

I’ve been a spiritual entrepreneur for the past 5 years and I love weaving spirituality and business. It’s practical and feels so nurturing to align with your inner and outer worlds through intentional ritual.

My word for 2021 is DEVOTION and when I began weaving this through my entire life, I realized that there was so much ritual in my business already. I am devoted to working in co-creation with my inner and outer worlds, and ritualizing just about everything has brought so much intention to all that I do.

With my clients and in running my own businesses, I’ve found that masculine structure paired with feminine flow is the most incredible combination for intentional growth. I live and breathe this method and I Ritualize my business every damn day!

I love to shake shit up, break rules, and march to the beat of my own drum.

I’m a Manifesting Generator in Human Design, and a Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Aquarius Rising.

My first book, SOUL MAGIC: ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN MYSTICS was published August 2020 and I am sooo proud of it!

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