embodied pleasure: A sex magick workshop

Come, baby come!

In this 1-hour workshop, you will explore the depths of your pleasure to manifest the life of your dreams

tune in to turn on

 pleasure is power


Pleasure is indeed power. Your pleasure is your magic wand. When you are tuned in, you are turned ON! Yes, this can mean sexually turned on, but I’m talking about deeper than that. I’m talking about your light turned on, your power turned on, your desire turned on, your SELF-LOVE turned all the way ON!

sensuality is self-care


Sex magick isn’t ONLY used to manifest or have incredible orgasms. It sure does work, but it’s more about falling in love with yourself and giving yourself the love and attention your need. The love and attention only you can provide to yourself.

Throughout this workshop, you’re going to be inspired, challenged, titillated. 

This is deeeeeep work, but I guarantee you’ll love doing it.

Sensuality is self-care

In this expansive and intimate workshop, you will:

∆ Discover the source of your pleasure (sexual and otherwise) so you can connect to it and infuse your life with your pleasure

∆ Address the shadow and shame of desire

∆ Learn how to use your pleasure as a magic wand,

∆ Experience a deep embodiment meditation

∆ EFT Tapping for safety, power, self-love, and PLEASURE!

And the best part?! This 1 hour workshop is 100% FREE! I truly believe that pleasure is the portal to self-love and becoming the person of your dreams. If you can allow yourself to explore the potential of pleasure, you going to see massive shifts in your life.


Hi, I’m Morgan

As a quintessential Taurus, I’ve been deeply connected to my sexuality and sensuality from a very young age. What I thought was just a high sex drive (and something to be ashamed of through my religious upbringing) became my greatest gift.

Pleasure truly is power, and the moment I surrendered to my sexual nature and desire to live in pleasure daily was the exact same moment my entire world opened up to the possibilities of pleasure.

And then I read The Magdalene Manuscript, which details the sex magick of Ancient Egypt, and I blasted off into a new realm of infinite possibilities.

My pleasure-centered goal is to help you connect deeply to your own pleasure, release any sexual or manifestation trauma stored in the body, and design the life of your dreams through the power of your orgasm.

The bonus is that you’ll also likely fall deeply in love with yourself and cherish the gift of being you. I am incredibly passionate about this practice because its changed my life!