Look to the ancient past to guide you on your journey to experiencing your most soulful, magical, modern mystical self. 

Centuries of spiritual practice and self-care at your fingertips


If you have ever hungered for a more meaningful or satisfying life journey, this comprehensive collection of all things spirit-nourishing is your soul’s true companion. Soul Magic is a treasure trove of centuries-old secrets and ancient wisdom to enrich your life, guide your choices, and heal your mind, body, and soul. Whether it’s aligning your career moves with the phases of the moon, dropping the baggage you’re carrying from a past life, programming a crystal to find love, or designating a meditation spot in your home, you’ll find plenty of empowering and pragmatic “now age” uses for age-old traditions. Guided by beautiful imagery and clear explanations from real experts in alternative practices, you will discover how to:

∆  maximize the life-changing power of crystals, herbs, and essential oils
∆  unblock your seven chakras and bring harmony to your whole self
∆  use tarot cards to heighten your awareness and steer you toward your best future
∆  observe a full day of rest and reflection no matter how busy your life may be∆  progress beyond traditional thinking to find true peace and satisfaction

Anyone with a soul that’s yearning for some magic will find solace and answers in this comprehensive field guide to the human spirit.

In 3 beautifully designed parts—filled with images, guides, and tools—we cover the ancient roots of these powerful modalities and show you how to integrate them into your modern, mystical life:


Crystal Healing





Ceremonial Magick

Sacred Travel




Sound Healing

Spirit Communication

Past Life Regression



Shadow Work


soul magic: ancient wisdom for modern mystics


In the modern age where everyone including Aunt Sally is a “guru,” the many paths to wisdom that are promoted by endless spiritual advisors can feel overwhelming and contradictory. They can even be more harmful than helpful. On our own personal spiritual quests, we’ve found that ancient wisdoms (paired with our own fine-tuned intuition) are the soul’s true magic. They are the holy grail of spiritual and personal development. 

In our weekly podcast Spirit Guides Radio, we aim to be a modern voice for these tried-and-true ancient wisdoms in which we so firmly believe. Each week, we have in-depth conversations with respected spiritual teachers and healers who shed light on the ins and outs of all things spiritual. Through this exploration of our own souls’ magic and the inspired work that we do every day, we have compiled this guide of what we consider to be the most profound and relevant ancient self-healing methods for modern mystics. 

With the onslaught of new, and often unproven, spiritual theories and self-help advice out there, looking to the trusted techniques of our ancestors is the surest path forward. These modalities have stood the test of time because their potency and healing power are irrefutable, spanning time, space, and cultures. They have endured because they work, and when we invest in learning such timeless wisdom, our lives begin to work, too. 

There are many personal development modalities with deep roots in the ancient past that are still vibrantly alive in the modern world. As you explore this book through the lens of your own unique soul, remember that this is not a stringent to-do list, but a reliable map to guide you through the ups and downs of your ever-expanding spiritual path. Don’t feel pressured to do it all. Just choose a modality (or five!) that calls to you, and dive in. If you find that something feels overwhelming or unappealing, skip it. Alternatively, if you were into one thing for a while and then find that it’s suddenly not doing it for you anymore, drop it. There are no rules except to invest your time in what lights you up!

You are your own guru, and the point of any serious spiritual path is to be true to your highest self. At its core, spirituality is about being authentic, and all the techniques in this book are lighthouses to help you find your innate authenticity in a social age where being true to your uniqueness isn’t always celebrated. This is your permission slip to do what feels in alignment with where you are right now and where you want to go. Simply choose your flavor, follow your intuition, and make changes when called to do so, allowing it to be a prescription that evolves as your life does. 

In the profound words of French philosopher Albert Camus: “You will never be able to experience everything. So, please, do poetical justice to your soul and simply experience yourself.” That’s what this book is for: to guide you on your journey to experiencing your most soulful, magical, mystical self. 

With endless distractions and to-do lists, not to mention the complicated world events that throw us off balance, it can be difficult to feel connected to the world around and within. On the one hand, social media has us feeling more connected than ever, yet many experts say that, particularly in the West, we are collectively suffering from loneliness and a feeling of disconnection. Disconnection is nothing more than a spiritual disease that must be healed by spiritual solutions. By studying and integrating the ancient practices outlined in this book, you are taking the first steps to plug back into your soul, awaken your self-healing power, and remember the truth that we are all connected. 

No matter which modalities speak to your soul, please remember that the source of healing is always you! True spiritual connection and healing are found right inside each of us—we just need to know where to look. The ancient techniques in this book point the way to your own brand of “soul magic” By listening to the wonder of your soul, the path to wisdom will be cleared for you.

Love, light, and black holes, 

Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza