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Awaken your inner mystic through conscious business!

I believe weaving spirituality into business awakens a part of the soul that loves to thrive when aligned. The key here is alignment and authenticity. This isn't "work" as we've been told it has to be, completely devoid of purpose just to get a paycheck and then check out.

It's purposeful wealth from passionate flow.

When you do things from the soul, other people really dig that shit.

By flowing with your own energy and tapping into the energy of the cosmos you can be both spiritual and successful, wealthy and wild, creative and consistent, systematic and intuitive, practical and magical.

Running a conscious business, or bringing consciousness into any job, is a BOTH/AND scenario. With my clients and in my own businesses, I create a simple yet effective way to bring magic to the mundane and live in radical harmony with BOTH my practical side AND my magical side. 

conscious business

Download the FREE Mystic Business Bundle

In this intuitive and practical bundle, you’ll learn how to bring spirituality and ritual into your daily life to amplify your business and your connection to your power.

The Mystic Business Bundle Includes:

∇  The Cosmic Planner: A 7-day digital guide to help you align with the energy of the planets and flow with your innate creativity and drive.

∇  The Mystic Business Guide: A 17-page digital guide to bring intention, ritual, and shadow work into your business. It’s not all love and light, and this guide will help you embrace the necessary darkness.

∇  EFT Tapping for Being Seen: This short tapping video will help you step into the spotlight with confidence, passion, and pleasure. If you podcast, record videos, or get on stage, this is going to change the way you shine!

Authenticity, Integrity, Alignment

Successful business isn't rocket science. It's alignment, clarity, and consistency. You can build the business that both gets you paid and lights you up. Being spiritual doesn't mean you can't also want to make money or have a strategy meeting. This is a both/and scenario, not either/or. It's time to step up, go within, connect to your purpose, create a a plan, and reflect your medicine to the world.

Clear Intention

inspired action

conscious creation

This is your awakening to your potential, purpose, passion, and money making abilities. Spirituality and business are better together, and making more money allows you to serve more. That's a win-win, hello!

Want to work with me?

I'm not currently taking on clients, but you can take my spiritual business course: Ritualize Your Business and get a taste of my witchy ways. Sign up below!

Shoot me an email if you wanna chat or get on the waitlist for 1:1s.

ritualize your business - conscious business

the revolution of the entrepreneur


In this short, intuitive and practical course, you’ll learn how to bring spirituality and ritual into your business to amplify your energy and your connection to your power.

ritualize your business Includes:


∆  Sex Magick Manifestation

∆  Shadow Work in Biz

∆  Energy Alignment

∆  Cosmic Connection

∆  Cycles + Seasons

∆  AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY - once you purchase the course, you'll get an email from me to begin the course right away!


PLUS a robust PDF, EFT Tapping videos, & immediate access to The Mystic Business Bundle, worth $111!

Client Love ♥

As a high vision spiritual teacher and conscious entrepreneur in the wellness space, working with Morgan Garza on my brand has been an essential part of the growing success of my business strategy.
Her keen insights into the market, her aesthetic expertise, and her maverick guidance on brand development has been pivotal to my success. I live in NYC and work alongside some of the best consultants in the world, so I know the field well.
I get compliments all the time on the authenticity of my brand and presence, which is amazing. Morgan Garza is my number one resource and ally in my field of wellness expertise; she is #cosmicaf and a total joy to work/learn/play with! Get her on your team!
Worthy Stokes

Working with Morgan has been absolutely transformational. Although I've always had a vision when it came to my business, I struggled with the organization and implementation of ideas. Morgan provided me with the support, strategies, and plan I needed to get things off the ground and start seeing actual results. The energy shift since working with her has been palpable. Morgan is highly intelligent, kind, easy to work with, and her positive energy is contagious. I've never felt so supported in my work. Thank you, Morgan!!


Katie Quick

My experience working with Morgan was absolute magic. I gave her really nothing more than a few colors, a symbol I liked and she hit it right on the mark the type of aesthetic I was going for-out of practically nothing. She helped to edit my copy and make sure that things were fresh and easy to understand. Oh, and honey, her patience, and personality match her skill. She’s a dream-trust me you want to work with her and let her make your site fresh to death. 


Laura Brown

Intuitive Alchemy

this is what i do …

Writing, biz development, Consulting, branding, Marketing, podcasting, Web Design, community building, Social Media, Course Creation, Event Coordination . . .

published author

soul magic ancient wisdom for modern mystics

soul magic: ancient wisdom for modern mystics | 2020

This book is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in my spiritual journey and in starting a spiritual business and popular podcast. In interviewing so many leaders, healers, and mystics I began to wonder about the origins of these practices and how we’ve come to use them.

Published by St. Martin’s Press-Macmillan in 2020, this field guide for the curious modern mystic is a gorgeous companion to expand your spirituality with cosmic guidance and reverence for the ancient past. The ancient future is now.

I hope by reading this book you further activate you soul magic and awaken to your potential and power.

Chapters include:

Crystal Healing, Manifestation, Shadow Work, Sacred Travel, Sound Healing, Yoga, Mediumship, Spirit Communication, Past Life Regression, Herbalism, Aroma Therapy, Meditation, Ceremonial Magick, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Sabbath.

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Inner Alchemy Virtual Summit | May 2020

Executive Producer and Hostess of benefit event.

3 days, 20 speakers, all virtual.

$1,390.10 was raised in donations with 500 global attendees.

Check it out!

Marketing & Consulting

Katie Quick | 2020

Katie is an educator, counselor, mentor, and leader. She teaches and supports other teachers and needed a container and new brand to step into this new role. Together we got clear on her “why” and created a whole new website, podcast, and membership community around that mission.

Intuitive Alchemy | 2020

Laura Brown was ready for a branding and website update, as well as a new structure for courses and signature programs. I designed her logo, created her branding, redesigned her website, and brought in more structure and conscious direction to her offerings.

Rock ‘n Roll Shaman | 2019

I worked with Andye Murphy on consulting for course creation, social media, marketing, strategy, events, digital assets, editing, press relations, and events.

This Worthy Life | 2019

Together with founder Worthy Stokes, I consulted on brand strategy, social media, course creation, marketing, and copywriting.

You Might Die Tomorrow | 2018

Together with founder Kate Manser, I consulted on web design, book launch strategy, press relations, social media, copywriting, and digital assets. 


Cannabis + CBD | 2019 to now

I am a contractor for Pico Digital Marketing in Denver, CO and supply long form content for their cannabis clients. Topics include culture, wellness, studies, basics, beauty, sex, and more. Get in touch for links to published work.

YogiApproved.com | 2017 to now

I am a regular contributor on YogiApproved.com on the topics of personal development, astrology, holistic healing, energy healing, yoga culture, tarot, crystals, cannabis and more.

Read my articles!

Vitals.Agency | 2017 to now

I am a contributor and ghost writer for Vitals.Agency, a branding and marketing agency based out of New York. Topics include industry trends, proprietary processes, marketing, branding, copywriting, and design.

Spirit Guides Magazine | 2017-2019

I am the co-founder and former CMO of Spirit Guides Magazine. I wrote copy for marketing, website, landing pages, email marketing, social media, and digital assets. I also wrote articles on topics including personal development, astrology, and travel.

I co-hosted a popular podcast, coordinated and organized local and international events and retreats, and developed a membership community with over 200 members.

Read my articles!


ChangeYourEnergy.com | 2015-2017

For two years, I wrote the weekly Wellness Guide column for Change Your Energy. Topics included Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga and exercise, energy healing, healthy eating, spirituality, meditation, recipes, and product reviews.

I also consulted on marketing strategy, created web pages and digital assets, and managed online events and courses.

more Client love

Morgan was an invaluable member of the marketing team at Sessions College. She thrived in the fast-paced environment and I could always count on her to get things done and done well. She is creative, detail-oriented, always maintains a positive demeanor, and was all-in-all simply a joy to have on the team.

Robert Pullins

Morgan is a creative and highly motivated individual. She is able to perform any task handed to her in a timely manner and with accuracy.

Christina Tarrant

Morgan is extremely organized, quick to respond, and cool under fire. She has the ability to handle multiple projects with careful attention to detail. She has a great sense of humor and is easy to work with. I would recommend her in any capacity.

Brad Bruckner

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