Embody the energy of the planets 

There are seven days of the week, but did you know that seven planets serve as the ruler each day? 

For example, Monday is ruled by the moon and that’s why so many people have a “case of the Mondays” every week.

The Babylonians named each day of the week by the planet that corresponded to that day’s energy over 5,000 years ago!

You can use the planetary energy of each week to better plan your days for meetings, admin, future planning, launches, podcasting, starting new projects, creativity, sending newsletters, getting paid, and so much more!

The constellations are our distant relatives, the planets are our immediate family.

Their impact on our lives is major, and tapping into their energy each day can greatly improve your life.


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Praise for tap that astro

“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience this week!  I loved it!!  

I had originally planned on taking off this past Friday from work, and instead changed it to Monday to be able to enjoy that Moon energy, a day for myself (even booked a massage)!  
It was all beautiful, thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!”

“Girl. I’m loving Tap That Astro.

The tapping is obvs transformational, but the way you explain each day of the week is ??????

I totally preach, organize your biz / life around the energy that works for you.

BUT NO ONE HAS EVER given us permission, so it has legit never occurred to EVERYONE they can do this … Monday’s can be chill days. You can only open up your schedule for a day a week, or whatever works FOR YOU.

Love this offering. And love your delivery.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.”

“LOVED the Moon Day Monday video and tapping!  I’ve always felt it’s difficult to jump in full force on Monday’s.  They always seem more contemplative.  Thank you love ❤️.  Great work!”

tap that astro



This self-paced course will help you align with the energy of each day of the week to optimize your energy and empower your life.



Whether you work from home, are homeschooling on some level, have a corporate job, stuff burritos, or fly helicopters, you can align your life, energy, and day with the planets.


Over 7 days, you will . . .


∇  Learn about each day’s planetary correspondence, its energy, which zodiac sign(s) it rules, its element, and characteristics


∇  Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping to embody the energy of each day


∇   Discover the best ways to organize your day and week with meetings, admin, emails, sales, clients, calls, creativity, and more


∇  Understand deeply how to maximize your energy and work flow each day by aligning with the day’s energy


∇  Learn multiple ways to integrate the daily planetary energy into your life while living more in flow with your inner and outer worlds

How does it work?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email from me with access to the course immediately. You can start on any day, it’s totally up to you and an opportunity to listen to your intuition.

These short videos (15-18 min/day) include information about the day’s planetary correspondence, the zodiac sign(s) associated with that planet, the day’s element, and an EFT Tapping practice to embody and integrate this energy into your life. You’ll have lifetime access to these videos.

You’ll also receive my free ebook The Cosmic Planner when you sign up to keep for reference throughout the week, and beyond.


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