a 5-week experience of Compassionate Shadow Work for Self-Liberation in Collaboration with Saged

What is it?

The shadow work experience you’ve been waiting for

Are you ready to learn how to use shadow work to liberate yourself from past trauma, fear, pain, PTSD, limiting beliefs, abuse, and your own BS?!

Being UNBOTHERED AF is about so much more than just not giving a FU*K! It’s about doing the inner work to understand the WHY behind your pain. It’s about reaching a state of deep acceptance. It’s about loving ALL of you so that you can be free from the pain of the past.


You can’t only be love and light … you’re also a black hole!

love, light, and black holes

WTF is shadow work?

Shadow work is the process of self-reflection and conscious action to compassionately heal the parts of you that are hurt, ashamed, or hidden. While this isn’t necessarily a “fun” process, the juice is worth the squeeze.

The shadow was coined by revolutionary 20th century psychologist Carl Jung. Understanding the shadow self was a revolution in self-development and self-love.

When we deny the shadow and keep it suppressed, the mind begins to lash out. We become reactive, angry, stressed, disconnected, and depressed.

By tending to the shadow self through shadow work, we create space for the shadow to LIVE in the light rather than chain it up in the darkness.

However, if we ignore the shadow and suppress it, it will surely rear its ugly head eventually … and that’s not pretty or productive.

So instead, we tend to the shadow, understand its needs, and open up a conversation to understand ourselves better.


shadow work is the path of the heart warrior

- carl Jung

What does unbothered af look like?

UNBOTHERED AF is a deep dive through my proven 4-step shadow work process.

The live course has ended, but you can access the recordings and all course materials to go at your own pace. AND you’ll own the course for life, so you can come back to it as many times as you want.

The first week of UNBOTHERED AF will focus on building the foundation of your launch pad to freedom. We will set the stage by digging into the flight path and what the end objective is. Yes, of course its freedom. But this process will look and feel different for everyone.

The live ceremony will prepare you for the next 4 weeks as you uncover and liberate hidden parts of yourself: your shadow.

It’s important to build a strong foundation to stand upon. You can’t just dive in and start shadow hunting. You’ll meet your fellow inner travelers and get grounded so you can rise.

This is the initial step. Bringing the first light to the darkness. You can’t address anything you’re not aware of. So this week is discovering what holds you back, what pains you the most, what makes you feel the heaviest, and what is the most dense.

Awareness is illuminating. Awareness is intimate. Awareness is what your shadow is begging for. To be seen. You’ll identify your shadow and become familiar with your inner world.

You were made for this!

Once you become aware of your shadowy bits, you can begin to understand their WHY.

Why are they hidden? Why do they hurt? Why were they locked away? Why do you keep this part of you away from yourself and others? Why is there shame? WHHHYYYY!?!?

But here’s a secret: you won’t discover anything that will surprise you. You put your shadows here.

This is when we really start to make some big shifts towards freedom. Ah-ha moments!

Now that you’re aware of your shadows and understand their WHY, we move to acceptance of your disco-ball soul. Acceptance of your dark and light.

You can’t only love the pleasant parts of yourself. ALL of you needs your love in order to be truly free. Every fact of your disco-ball soul needs to be accepted so you can SHINE the brightest.

Warning: You will fall deeply in love with yourself and become the person of your dreams.

AAARRRROOO! You are free and you have a permission slip to be your brightest, most embodied self! This week will focus on maintaining freedom, connection, awareness, and acceptance.

NOTHING is one-and-done. You will walk away with a plan to keep you aligned and LIT UP from within. Cuz life happens. Shit will continue to happen. And you will have the tools to stay in your freedom and continue this deep work. You will be UNBOTHERED AF!

who is this for?


Anyone looking to be liberated from past pain

Anyone sick of their own bullshit and excuses

Anyone devoted to being free from fear, trauma, PTSD, abuse, and self-deprecation

Anyone interested in shadow work but are a bit intimidated by “going there”

Anyone who has worked on themselves but needs that final push to cross the event horizon

Anyone unfamiliar with shadow work

Anyone who has tried shadow work before and been unispired or didn’t feel results

Anyone looking for a non “love and light” experience

There are no prerequisites for this experience. You simply have to be devoted to change and transformation. Come with an open heart and open mind and you will get sooooo much out of this. 

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.” -Carl Jung

♥ Testimonials ♥

all shadows to light, all bullshit take flight

morgan garza

Hi, I’m Morgan Garza …

I’ll be your guide through you inner world for this experience. If you’ve attended any of my classes on Saged or taken any of my courses, you know I approach challenging things with a light heart and a few F bombs.

I am in love with shadow work because it has transformed my life. In 2008, when I was 22, I survived a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. This was the catalyst to my spiritual awakening.

When I came home, I was a hot mess. Plagued with extreme PTSD, survivor’s guilt, night terrors, anxiety, and depression. After 1 reiki session, I felt a bit better and thought that I was “healed” and could get back to normal life.

However, it wasn’t until the 10-year anniversary of the attacks on India, that I finally had the breakdown I needed and began doing shadow work.

I developed this 4-step process (awareness, understanding, acceptance, freedom) after doing psilocybin therapy. I had never identified my shadow until this point, so that meant that I lived in fear of her and didn’t understand my WHY at all.

I knew I couldn’t be alone in this. In the bypassing, toxic positivity, and mentality that I was too busy for my own mental health.

Shadow work is a passion of mine because I’ve seen it work firsthand. And I’ve helped many clients move through the same process to become free.

I hope this inspired you to advocate for yourself and take the leap to be UNBOTHERED AF!


In my professional life, I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Saged and a regular teacher in the Saged community! I’m also co-author of Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics. As an embodiment of the divine feminine here to empower you to become your own guru by stepping out of the darkness of fear and into the light of activated awareness. 

how will you feel after?

The shadow is emotional and energetic storage for things like past pain, trauma, unsavory behaviors, shame, guilt, fear, abuse, etc. Pretty much everything you don't want to look at or acknowledge. But it's the looking at it that gets results.

What results, you ask?

  • being unbothered af
  • emotional freedom
  • dissolving of limiting beliefs
  • release of tension, stress, and anxiety
  • the awakening of your power
  • deep and resonate peace
  • better sleep, sex, relationships, appetite, 
  • radical self-love

Just to name a few. 

This is deep work. Shadow work isn't exactly fun, but we'll make it enjoyable AF together. You'll be profoundly transformed after this experience.

PLUS a robust digital workbook, EFT Tapping, LIFETIME ACCESS, a supportive environment, safety, and some INCREDIBLE BONUSES!


$88 lifetime access

This includes lifetime access to Ritualize Your Business, PLUS over $50 in bonuses :

+ Tap That Astro Course ($27): My most popular course! Tap That Astro is a 7-day EFT and Astrology course to align with the daily planetary energy + The Cosmic Planner

+ The Mystic Business Guide($18): A 17-page digital guide to unleash your inner mystic in your business

+ EFT Tapping for Being Seen($11): Get camera, stage, or interview ready with this empowering video that will let your light shine



Got a question? I’ve got an answer!

∇  WTF is shadow work?

Shadow work is the process of taking conscious action to look at one’s self and accept everything you see fully. Shadow work isn’t about getting rid of the shadow, it’s about acceptance and integration. The “work” can be done in a number of ways, but it’s all about what works best for you.

∇  Who needs shadow work?

EVERYONE! Shadow work is beneficial for anyone and everyone, at any stage of the journey. If you’re brand new to this, you’re going to be blown away. If you’re already doing shadow work, you’re going to go even deeper, and become even unbothered

∇  How do you do shadow work?

Through various tools and my proven 4-step process, you’ll explore different ways to look at your shadows without fear and bring them into the light. All you need is an open mind, and open heart, and the willingness to become unbothered af!

∇  What can I expect to feel AFTER this experience?

The goal is freedom. But you’ll also walk about with an immense amount of self-love, self-awareness, inner peace, confidence, stability, and bravery. Being unbothered isn’t about not caring. It’s about giving yourself what you need and being your own guru. You’ll also walk away with tools to maintain this state and address shadows that arise throughout your life. This 4-step process will become the HOW in managing your shadows.

Any other questions? Shoot me an email at love@morgangarza.com or slide into my DMs on Instagram

This 5-week experience is being brought to you in collaboration by Morgan Garza and Saged! Not sure if this is for you, or just have a question? Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

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